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Virginia & Dick Bethune


A Merrie Heart

Health, Humor and the Christian Faith
A Short Course by Virginia Redhead Bethune

A Merrie Heart doeth good like a medicine. (Prov. 17:22)

A Merrie Heart summons one's JOY potential from one's whole being, body, mind. and spirit, as in grateful response to God's free gift in Jesus Christ, one offers cheerful obedience to Christ's command that we love God with our whole body, mind, soul, and strength and our neighbor as ourselves.

A Merrie Heart is a short course featuring a multimedia presentation. The design may be abbreviated in a 20 minute synopsis or expanded into an overnight retreat incorporating three, two-hour sessions. CONTACT us for more information or to schedule a program for your organization.

Proceeds benefit Habitat for Humanity


• Faithworks: JOY, a contus firmus
• Illness Prevention: Complementary / conventional medicine
• Integration of faith and life
• Alphabet of Bible verses: phylactery verses
• Natural symphonies
• Appetizers
• PMS Health: Physical, Mental, Spiritual Health
• Charting endorphin release: Laughter, exercise
• Psychoneuroimmunology
• Covenanting together


• The Bible
• Paul Tournier: The Healing of Persons; A Doctor Casebook in the Light of the Bible; A Listening Ear; The Gift of Feeling; Learn to Grow Old
• Norman Cousins: The Anatomy of an Illness; The Healing I Heart, Head First; A Biology of Hope
• Bernie Siegel: Love, Medicine, and Miracles

Little Light Music

• Tenor and Keyboard • Folk Harp • Tonechimed
• Classical, Showtunes and Hymns


Presentations have been made to over 1000 people. Full format includes audio-visuals. tonechime and role-playing, and quiet time. Publishers often offer book tables where resources are displayed for sale.

Pulaski, Va., First Presbyterian
Danville, Va., First Presbyterian
Greensboro, NC, First Presbyterian
Salem, Va, Salem Presbyterian
Blacksburg, Va., United Methodist Women
Harrisonburg, Va., Sunnyside Retirement Ctr.
Black Mountain, NC, Christmount, Disciples of Christ
Winston-Salem, NC, First Presbyterian
Roanoke, Va., Church of the Brethren,Young Adult Retreat
Salem, Va., Creative Education Workshop (ecumenical)
Cary, NC, Synod of the Mid-Atlantic Retreat for Presbytery Older Adult Enabicrs
Blacksburg, Va., United Methodist, Christian Educators
Presbytery of the Peaks: Older Adult Retreats, Camps Fincastle and Hat Creek
Roanoke/Salem, Va.. Huntington Court, Central, Methodist Older Adults
Christiansburg, Va., Presbyterian Adult S.S. class: 6-session video
Blacksburg, Va., Presbyterian Congregational Retreat
Roanoke, Va., Windsor Hills UMW
Greensboro, NC, Salem Presbytery Celebration of Age
Ashboro, NC, First Presbyterian
High Point, NC, Presbyterian Home
Montreat, NC, Older Adult Retreat
Presbytery of Arkansas, Older Adults
Vinton, VA, Thrasher Memorial UMW
Greensboro, NC, Wellspring Retirement Ctr.
Front Royal, Va., Front Royal Presbyterian
Greensboro, NC. Westminster Presbyterian
Triangle Presbyterian Church, Durham, NC
Pensacola, FL, Older Adults


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